Made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019, which the theme was “Only One”.

A Video Game, where you can only do ONE ACTION AT A TIME.

Basically, if you want to MOVE, you have to press the key to MOVE;  if you want to AIM, you have to press the key to AIM; if you want to THROW the weapon (a Dagger), you have to press the key to allow THROWING and then use the Left Mouse Click to THROW.

Keep in mind that you can switch between actions, meaning, you can choose which action to activate, without a particular order.

Also, the character moves automatically to the Mouse, when the action MOVE is activated.

You ONLY HAVE ONE DAGGER, so don't forget to pick it up after you throw it.

The Video Game is in English and Spanish. You can change the language in game, with the Q key.

Made in Construct 2.

Enjoy and have fun :)

Main Controls

< Select MOVE Action > 1 Key

< Select AIM Action > 2 Key

< Select THROW Action > 3 Key

< Movement > MOUSE

*Only works when MOVE Action is selected

Movement Chrosshair 

< Aim > MOUSE

*Only works when AIM Action is selected.

Aim Crosshair                   

< Throw Dagger > LEFT MOUSE CLICK

*Only works when THROW Action is selected.

Throw Crosshair               

*You only have ONE DAGGER, so Pick It UP after the Throw.

Can't Throw Crosshair  


Miscellaneous Controls

< Show / Hide FPS Counter > F

< Mute Music > M

< Show Hints on Menu > H (hold)

< Change Language - English or Spanish > Q

Difficulty Levels

The difficult increases after achieving milestones, changing properties of the game, like the player’s visibility, or the target’s speed.

Some instances are piled up while others are overwritten.

< Beginner > Score 0

Controls testing.
Try and error field.
Targets spawn every 3 seconds, up to a max of 10 targets.

< Improving > Score 20

New: Targets spawn every 1 second, up to a max of 20 targets.

< Intermediate> Score 20

New: Player's sight reduced to dagger's max travel distance.

< Advanced >  Score 50

New: Every 10 seconds, lights fade and go off, for half a second, and fade and go on.

< Master >  Score 100

New: Target's max speed from 200 to 1000.
New: Target's acceleration from 500 to 250.
New: Target's deceleration from 100 to 10.
New: Player's max speed from 400 to 700.

< You Won’t Survive >  Score 1000

New: Target's max speed from 1000 to 5000.
New: Target's acceleration from 250 to 500.
New: Target's deceleration from 10 to 1000.

< ??? > Score 10000

New: Player's max speed from 700 to 1000.
New: Targets spawn every 0.5 seconds, up to a max of 100 targets.


All content within the game is imagined. Any coincidences with reality should and must be considered as a coincidence. Please, for your safety and that of others, do not imitate anything from this game. Video Game developers are not responsible for player’s actions made outside the game.

You may upload gameplay footage of this game. Make sure to give credit and add the link to the game in the description, so others can enjoy as well.

Remember that this is a project made for the GMTK Game Jam 2019, so it is free for everyone to play :)

Music, Design and Programming by Dr.Phaseo.


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One piece of feedback:

"imaginated" is not a word

This is what happens when you trust Google Translator.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Yeah, no problem :)